As they walked through the fields so green,

As if in a dream, things they’d seen,

Almost as horrible as that they’d done,

A sinner’s soul is the most alone,

Heard the shouting and screaming of people fighting in the street,

Hear them? The marching feet,

Soldiers from boys and corpses from soldiers,

Each feeling the weight of the world on their shoulders,

Hopes and unbidden dreams, never turn to reality,

For the dreamer falls in his frailty,

Far off fields alight with fire,

Heaped high the funeral pyre,

Some young, some old,

Equally the grave makes them cold,

Roar of cannon in the distance,

Frozen in combat, just one instance,

Boy bayonets man, and man boy,

The lad should be home playing with a toy,

Instead, all fight,

For they are told is right,

Either way, they all scream “Mother!” as they die,

If in the foe’s field than buried where they lie,

Horror of horrors in hospitals in the rear,

Doctor’s amputate, the pile of limbs here,

Men scream as boys in agony, pray curse and scream,

The doctor comes now, how his instruments gleam,

He smiles and pats him on the shoulder, “Fear not, for now I begin”,

The musket ball, dear God, it’s still in!

Starts cutting the leg, the pain sets in, “God, please, no more!”

Screams in agony as the dead leg falls to the floor,

The doctor pats him again, “There, it’s alright,”

The boy cries, he will see no more of the fight,

He will go home, one of those with the horror still in him,

Bitter and mean, will his sweetheart still love him?

No, she has already found another,

A man who will not fight, leaves that to his brother,

One more life in the name of Peace,

But how would he know? Never heard the bells ringing in Leeds,

For King and Country they do fall,

Not for the Tyrant’s Cause, to have not just Europe, but all,

The world and all it’s treasure, all it’s people,

In France he has taken the bells from the church steeple,

Melts them down for cannon, defiler of art,

His name, Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte.


Dedicated to the over 5 Million people who died from 1792-1815 during the Napoleonic Wars.



                           By BF Hirleman