It was early in the morning, fog hung low over the Strait of Hazmaal. I was waiting on a ship of the Penlandian Imperial Navy to come and fetch me from the Isle of Dahzgul, known to lamen as the Isle of Wizards. It was supposed to be a secret that I was travelling to Midgaard, the great landmass whence most beings of the age lived. Oh, here I’ve been remiss in my narrative for you. My name is Endel Lokirann, I am a Wizard, you may have heard of me. No? Well, advertising today is not what it was when I was younger. Of course, we have come a long way in the last thousand years. However, the reason you came to hear my tale was not for me to regail you with the woes of modern advertising. Now, where was I? Oh yes, waiting for the Penlandian ship. I knew not what ship she was to be, nor the names of captain or crew. She was simply to be the first available Penlandian warship. Through the chill air the great bell in the tower of Thorgud rang, Thorgud being one of the earliest and most well known Wizards in the most ancient days of Midgaard. Oh? How old am I? Let’s see, I was born in 1635 Before the Fall, which would make me one thousand and thirty five this year. I age differently due to benefits of learning Magic Spells to slow the aging process. Then I heard a smaller bell ringing out three times from the Strait. “Three bells in the morning dogwatch.” I muttered to myself around my pipe. It was then I saw the crown of her topmast break through the fog. Judging by her topmast rigging she was a frigate, fast, powerful, but still small enough to slip in and out quickly. As her bowsprit came through the fog I realized her name before seeing her name placcards upon her bows. P.I.M.S. Vanderferer, I had not seen her before, nor met any of her crew, but I knew her reputation. She was famous for the Gnomish Incident in 1756, in which she played a key role in first blockading a Gnomish port, El Jaalam, then her Marine contingent secured and freed the hostages the local Gnome Viceroy had taken. No hostages had been killed, only a few injured, and the Gnome Viceroy and several hundred of his men had been killed. As she drew in all sail and came about to drop her anchor I watched with keen interest how she handled, and how her crew handled her. Naturally there were the Imperial Marines with their dress blues on, muskets and bayonets glittering in what little light there was. I instantly liked the captain, seeing how he ran a smart ship and crew. After she had dropped her anchor I saw them lower a quarterboat to the water, which slowly turned and then quickly made her way to the jetty where I stood. As she drew near the Young Wizards who worked the jetty caught her lines and helped bring her in. Two Naval officers climbed up from the stern, joined by four Marines, smart dress blues and perfectly shined shoes standing out even in the fog.