Walking in a field, the sun you see and feel,

Carry the weight of iron, lead and steel,

Keep your eyes open,

All the time wishing and hopin’,

Then your thoughts shatter,

When you hear that old chatter,


Machine gun chatters at you from far away,

Another day, another place, time to earn your pay,

Bullets rip the air all ’round,

You see the men falling down,

You look for the flashes as you hit the dirt,

See the man in front of you with great holes in his shirt,


Oh oh oh, hear that old chatter as you crawl,

Grass that was once so tall, now mown down to fall,

You don’t see the flashes, just hear the sound,

That old machine gun chatters and it cuts another soul down,

Find the strangest thoughts running through your head,

Better keep your mind on the job, or pretty soon you’ll be dead,


Doo doo doo,

Da da di da dum dum,

Pretty soon you’ll be dead,

Dai dai da da dum,

Da doo da,

Old machine gun chatters and hear comes the lead,


Before you know it the chatter has ceased,

Move forward and see them there, looking deceased,

Give ’em the bayonet, so they never can reach,

Oh oh oh, come Sunday you’ll hear the Padre who’ll preach,

“God’s on our side you know, so He’ll keep your soul clean,

And He sees all you do, so don’t be obscene,”


Oh hoh no, you don’t believe what he says,

Remember back to those times before these days,

Da dum dum dum, Machine gunner’s don’t surrender so kill ’em all dead,

No matter what you say, people back home they don’t know so shake their head,

You wonder is it you who’s changed or if they don’t understand,

They don’t believe the truth, can’t see the blood on your hand,


So when you hear that old machine gun chatter, get down, on the ground

Don’t stick your head up, don’t try to look around,

When you get back home, try to drink it all away,

But it stays with you ’til your very dying day,

Hear it in your sleep,

Pray the Lord your soul to take, but you know the Devil shall keep,


Oh doo da dee dum da da,

When you go home don’t forget the chatter,

When you try and think your thoughts it still can shatter,

Remember how you fealt, so more lonely then alone,

Hear that chatter and your heart sinks like a stone,

Da doo da, dae dee dum da da da,

Dae dee da dum dum da,

Dum dee da dae dae chatter around,

That old fashioned chatter of the old machine gun sound.