Heindlen Colony, 2246

The long column of Colonial Confederation soldiers was marching down an unpaved road. The officers called it a “strategic withdraw”, the average Confed soldiers knew it was a retreat. The Terran Federation Marines had pushed them out of a small town named Leipzberg, which before the war had probably been a nice place.

Corporal Thomas Weiler, who had been born on Earth, was one of the Confed Army troops retreating from the Fed onslaught. He watched as civilians hurried dazedly along, what possessions they could carry from their lives in a place they now left behind. Thomas sighed as he put one weary foot in front of the other. His sky blue uniform was splattered with mud and dust from the road. His rifle and pack were barely noticeable now after marching over twenty miles, where he nor any of the other enlisted men knew where they were headed.

 Lieutenant David Rollins, who was maybe twenty four, and so eight years older than Thomas, was in charge of the Second Company. He was in charge because he was the senior surviving officer. The Second Company had been ordered to hold Leipzberg in order to allow time for the civilians to evacuate. They had begun the fight with a strength of one hundred and fifty, they were down to eighty five now. The Feds had hit them with air, ground, artillery, and armor.

 He was remembering back two years to the beginning of the war, his first taste of combat had been a shock. His unit had been slaughtered while holding a piece of high ground near the town of Johnstown on Anglica. His mind meandered thru the intervening years, he’d seen enough people die in combat to populate a small Terran city. He hadn’t heard the incoming Fed attack transport, not until tracer rounds tore thru the column, including the civilians. Laser guided missiles impacted and flung two civilian vehicles into the air burning as they fell.